Saturday, May 25, 2013

drawing challenge

These weeks host of the drawing challenge is Patrice and her theme is Proverb or Saying. Or any other text or sentence that means something to you or in your work. Well.... I don't have a favourite sentence: I have a whole booklet! I already told you once that I collect sentences or text pieces that inspire me. I'm very bad with words, so I collect them and then make something new out of them. I always have been fascinated by drawings or paintings with text pieces in them. I also made a lot of these drawings. Especially the ones I make on the computer. I like to play with it and see where the text can fit into the drawing and become a part of it. Some of them become very personal and others have my theme: woman in art and how they are threated and judged and so on. My favourite line is "Whatever kind of art I'll make, it will be labeled feminine". Just to bad that that is my favourite one, but as long as I meet people who think that's important to tell me so, I feel the feminist inside me, haha! Also important: humor, as in the drawing on top. And a little bit in the second one, humor and a little bit true. And last but not least: a picture of one of the cabinets I made a few years ago, some of them I already posted. A combination of drawing and a small object. The text is "fuck geluk" in reversed writing which means fuck happiness in dutch, but in dutch it rhymes and sounds funny. I like it especially when I'm angry and those "happy people" irritate me, sorry...

I just noticed I wrote a lot here...mmmm, Patrice I think your theme made me think again about some things! Please check out her blog for all the players in this challenge!


  1. haha, I just adore it!
    yes, you tell a lot and that´s great, so interesting!
    fuck geluk - from now on in my word pool (and word pool - this is new in my vocabulary, too) sounds so funny!
    humor always in your work, I appreciate it.
    hey sister enjoy your weekend
    x Stefanie

  2. so, that's wonderful, i like it much when you talk, i could keep on listening. i dig your statement too, i love the energy emanating from it. i never even noticed that last quote rhymes in dutch, but when i said it out loud it did sound really funny. it could become my outspoken expression in the next coming weeks, if ever things turn upside down..? ;)))
    text and image become double powerful with you, d'you know?

  3. It's fabulous to hear you talk about your art. Your inspiration, the intent, the feeling behind it. How it got there. What it is now. I cannot say enough how I love that cabinet. Love it, love it. love it. It is awesome art. I love objects with words also. An artist I love [Francesco Clemente link:] once painted an old wooden wall hung medicine cabinet with a mirror on the front door. He did a woman's face on the mirror (in his style of course) with some words on the image. It killed me on the spot. I saw it in a decorating magazine many years ago. Anyway, I love your cabinet. And I love your humour. And I love your seriousness. And I love your art. N, xo

  4. fun how you play with words
    how you let them inspire you
    how you have fun with humor and creativity
    each piece is awesome to see

  5. oh céline, I love your feminist humour so much!!
    :)) mano

  6. Celine, your humor shines through, but always with a bite, the teeth of truth! Happy weekend, sus

  7. I love the contrast of black and white and red in your drawings.
    They are sharp and precise.
    No messing about.
    Insightful and thought provoking.
    Congratulations on your recent open studio and (maybe) upcoming exhibition!

  8. right to the point with great style and humor,
    oeh this red ! catching our attention, like, hey waken up !
    yes thought provoking, love it , the thruth in it.x

  9. i love that you do not have a favourite sentence
    but a whole booklet, me too, me too!
    i like your simple line drawings, the colors, the humour!
    and fuck geluk a phrase i will start using! ;^))

    thanks for playing
    Patrice A/.

  10. liebe céline, leider ist das nicht mein hund, auch wenn er noch so treuherzig guckt! ich habe ihn von einer karte abfotografiert.
    liebe grüße, mano

  11. HA! I love that first one- so button pushing smart! your style and sense of humor are right on!

  12. Celine, I like the three works, each of them have, difrentes types of visual force
    I would say,
    In the first case (the work as an entity), throws visual power towards the viewer
    In the second, the viewer gets the power from its own interior (of the viewer)
    and in the third case (the cabinet) the viewer receives the force of the artist (Celine)
    I agree fuck and happiness should always go together.
    I do not look at art with prejudice, about, if the artist is male or female. is art, enough.
    good week! :))

  13. Dear Celine! Thank you for your words, I laughed and agree! Humor is very important, you are right and I think you have a lot of it! Your drawings are great, the lines and the colors and the words in it. Nice and naughty ;-)
    Have a great new week and thank you for showing!
    Meike ♥

  14. Haha, you made me laugh, Céline, and even if I'm the master of inner happiness I sometimes feel that "fuck geluk", too!! So, YES, I want to marry you, because of your great artwork and humor! ;o)))

  15. Oh man, ich kann dir gar nicht sagen, wie sehr du mir aus dem Herzen sprichst und zwar mit allem. Ich bin auch oft total mies mit Worten, was das Kommentieren oft schwierig macht und weshalb ich wohl auch bildhaft arbeite. Auf der anderen Seite liebe ich auch Wörter, Text und Zeichen, alle Sorten von Zeichen. Und ich LIEBE deinen Humor! Wenn ich irgendwo dein "fuck geluk" sehen würde, ich würde es sofort kaufen wollen!!!! Sowas von genial und geil! Best picture ever!
    Die anderen sind auch wunderbar und dass mit der "weiblichen" Kunst wie alle Lables von irgendwelchen "Kritikern" kann einen nur zu einem neuen f...bild inspirieren!
    Hab eine schöne Woche und DANKE für diesen genialen post!


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