Friday, May 17, 2013

drawing challenge

Liebe Stefanie, this one is for you! I hope you don't think or feel that I crossed a line here, that it's to personal, but I wanted to make a drawing for you and your brother Philipp. I hope you have some beautiful memories of you two and I tried to draw one: two children playing in the garden in the summer, posing for their father or mother who wants to take a picture. Of course I don't know how you two looked like as children, so I made them a little abstact. I want to give you something happy and not sad.

For more participants, please visit Stefanie's beautiful blog!


  1. oh my dear Celine, thank you so very much! ... can ´t write cause I have tears in my eyes... so very nice from you... I don´t know if I am wrong but isn´t the death a fillip? Or should be or could be at least for artists?
    I am a bit tired and confused these days (only these days?) hey - thank you!
    By the way drinking my morning coffee in your t-shirt here
    x Stefanie

    1. yes. i think so too. death is a fillip. it is in writing anyway. it is in all disciplines, i'm sure.

  2. a lovely and touching idea.

  3. kind hearted you are, celine. and what an amazing, unpretentious outcome. one from the heart, for sure.

  4. Celine, today I do not speak of your art, but about you.

    I know there is a girl named Celine. of tall stature, some foods do wrong to her, she planting their own vegetables, I have not seen much of her face, but I think she is very beautiful, I know she has a rabbit, I know she is a great artist. and I know she is a good person. and no one has a doubt that her heart is like the sun.
    Celine, this week you thought of the person, not in the word!!!!!!!
    That tells me that you put first the affection, the feelings!!!!
    you're one of the people (not many) who I say I love you, from my heart.
    and I would say to Stefanie: Yes, death can be a fillip, everything can be a fillip.

  5. beautiful creation Celine, and what a beautiful thought that made it happen. So lovely.

  6. A loving tribute, Celine and such an interesting rendering. Quite unusual, touching and yet... unsentimental at the same time. Very like memory I think. Applause.

  7. this is so beautiful, a very sensitive image, not just your work but what's behind it,empathy, from one heart to another, like a big hug, xx

  8. beautiful image
    and you are a sweetie!
    like you i had Stefanie and her brother on my mind
    which made me think of mine
    you made a beautiful and touching image
    like a statue

    Patrice A.

  9. very beautiful! your illustration shows our infinity. it touched me ♥

  10. a tender joy
    a brother and sister
    beautiful ~

  11. You have captured a moment in time, a feeling that is forever and always the same wonderful feeling. Brilliant work Celine! N, xo

  12. This is wonderful. A tribute to all brothers and sisters. The chldhood days when it was allways summer. When you could run naked and feel the long grass against your legs. When hearts were innocent and time seemed to last for ever.

  13. Such a cute picture, a memory of all that have siblings. Could be childhood friends as well! Sentimental in a positive way. And I love how you blurred the faces, this is what memories are: the pictures a bit blurry, the feelings intense. Very lovely!

  14. wow this is beautiful! and shows such a tender and innocent moment I love it!

  15. A wonderful illustration, it touches me very much. I love the growing wooly and at the same time straight lines which form the sibling portrait. Thank you :-) Meike

  16. ha!
    the new theme is up
    will you join?....

  17. Hi Celine, a wonderful and different artwork of you, delicate, sensitive and a bit haunting!
    Hugs BarbaraBee


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