Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Before the real challenge

The next drawing challenge is hosted by Stefanie and she has a theme that can be interpreted in many, many ways: Philipp, a fillip. I thought, Philipp means the friend of horses. So you might let yourself be inspired by...? The music and the lyrics by muse, the name, your brother, a horse, a fingerplay, isn´t that fillip enough?

So I just finished this drawing for my society6 shop and I thought that it just fitted perfectly in a weird way to post it as a early input, haha! If you like this one, you can order it at my shop as a t-shirt, bag, pillow or print.


  1. ha, learned something new today. I had no idea what Philip meant... :)

  2. So original! I really love this- what a wonderful and clever way to put a spin on the beautiful unicorn. Of course she doesn't believe in humans! Wow Celine- I'm blown away!

  3. Well you know your art is so strong and stunning graphically, and now you have added humour to the mix! Fantastic art Celine! Brava!! *hands clapping* N, xo


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