Tuesday, May 21, 2013

a sweet memory

For the last 3 days you could visit my home and my work. Most of the local artist opend their doors for public. I put some work in front of the house, so people could see that there was something happening and that they`re welcome to visit. And yes, that's me in front of the garage;-) I put a lot of my paintings in there as you can see in the next picture:

After that you enter the sun room where I put a table with the jewelry I make and a mannequin who's wearing a t-shirt with one of my designs:

I had some really busy days but it was worth it! Lots of people visited my place and I got some really nice and good comments, some discussions, sold some things and maybe a new exhibition coming up. I just wanted to show you a tiny impression and now I have to clean the house and bring everything back to it's original place and eveything is back to normal. I wish you all a good week!


  1. everything looks great. would have been fun to quickly put on my flying shirt and visit ;) happy for you though!

  2. wow, it looks great groß-artig, ich wäre so gern dabei gewesen, danke für die Einblicke hier und so schön, dass Du auch mit drauf bist!
    Hab auch eine good week
    x Stefanie

  3. and you even had sunshine! it all looks wonderful and you had a good time, well done dear Celine, up to that next exhibition, x

  4. What a nice spot you have to live and work. Just beautiful Celine! My heart has been stolen by that rabbit with the red background leaning against the window. Wowser my heart beats for it. I love your work to bits. Norma, x

  5. Wow Celine - looks marvelous! I want to see that tiger painting more...wish I cold step in and look and chat too! Sounds like it was a success so congratulations!

  6. Hey, I see all quite normal. how it will be back to normal then?
    Celine, I see that your house is very nice, your garage is very clean, (not like mine)
    your car is fabulous! (a Hansa?) is very well maintained!
    I love the arrow on the floor in front of your garage, I'm sure with that invitation, no one refuses to go, haha.
    I see a couple of pictures that you did not showed in your blog. right?
    Ok. I think it's a good idea, if people do not go to the artist, the artist go to the people.
    PS: I did not saw Pollock out there!!! ;)

  7. congratulations. I'm happy that things went so well for you xxx

  8. what a wonderful thing to do.
    I wish i could do that, but i live in a little cabin in the woods, so no one would see me ;-)
    congratulations on the connections and sales you made!

  9. No one in my neighborhood cares that much about art. We do not live around artsy people. I think this is fabulous and your large paintings look really fantastic!

  10. Liebe Céline, danke für die Einblicke, so waren wir doch ein bisschen dort! Aber aufgeschoben ist nicht aufgehoben (nice quote again!), wir treffen uns bald sicher trotzdem mal! Ist das übrigens etwa Dein Volvo?? Ich komme um vor Neid, so einen wollte ich auch immer mal haben! ;o)


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