Wednesday, March 20, 2013

the way to the sun...

Today my calendar tells me that spring begins. Well, let it begin already I would say! I don't see or feel much of it yet, but there's still hope of course. To say goodbye to winter I show you some picture's of Pollock in the snow. The one on the right was taken last week were we got a lot of snow after some really warm days. Pollock don't really seems to care: he hates rain and wind but he runs in the snow. But I bet he also wants some sun and juicy, green grass!


  1. same here. it's cold and grey. haven't seen the sun in ages... very frustrating indeed. but there is hope :)

  2. poor, Pollock, thinking about their paws in the snow makes me cold to me.
    I think you have all spring and aaaaaaall summer to weave to Pollock, a good pair of gloves for his feet, not a good idea? :)))

  3. armer pollock!! ich will auch grünes gras!
    hier schneit es seit heute mittag. frühlingsanfang!!

  4. Our bunny is the same....she loves snow (which we didn't really get this year) but is miserable in the rain. She has been happily eating the fresh grass and dandelion heads I've been picking for her. I know she's getting excited about the parsley and swiss chard! Us too. xo Carole

  5. Oh Pollock ist ja wohl nur super süß! Mein Hund Yumi würde ihn auch lieben. Wir alle wollen grünes Gras und bunte Blüten, aber nachdem ich gestern gehört habe, dass die Zugvögel wieder umgedreht sind! Kein Scherz! Bin ich nun doch langsam verzweifelt, gut, dass es da so kleine pelzige Freunde gibt, die gute Laune verbreiten, egal wie das Wetter ist.


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