Saturday, March 9, 2013

drawing challenge

This weeks host for the drawing challenge is the lovely Patrice and her theme is "moon". I tell you right away that my entry is nothing I made. This is a painting my dad  made. When I saw this weeks theme "moon" I just had to think about my dad and the only thing I could do is show you a painting made by him. I don't know why, everything that has to do with the moon, stars or the universe makes me think of him. He made quite some works with stars and the moon, although I thought it where a lot more, so that was funny... maybe because he used the colour blue a lot? Listen to the dark side of the moon? Has a lot of books of the universe? I don't know...but it just felt wrong to make something myself.

I wish you all a nice weekend and for more "moons" check out Patrice's blog!


  1. wauw....
    your dad made a wonderful painting!
    i can hear the violin
    i like it that it's the arth
    shining like a blue moon

    thank you!!
    Patrice A.

  2. dear Celine,the nice thing about these drawing challenges is that all those themes are surprising me each time with eye candy but also with words, thoughts of the person behind it and i like that.
    i wish i knew which melody your father had in mind painting this violin playing astronaut, lovely post, x

  3. O, that would be great playing on the moon. It is a exciting drawing and great color.

  4. so very nice... a man on his own on the moon just with the music he wants to play. so very romantic!
    and so nice of you to share this image and what it is about with us.
    maybe he plays "blue moon"?

  5. playing on the moon in blue... geweldig artistieke pa heb je, leuk om te zien en te lezen :-)

  6. Very personal choice, which definitely shows where your talent comes from! I love that deep blue colour! And how poetic to play the violin on the moon? Maybe it's the only language Aliens might understand?

  7. Like father like daughter when it comes to talents!
    I wonder what a violin would sound like on the moon?
    Would it echo? Would it float out to the universe?
    Would we hear it in our dreams?
    Happy week to you, Celine. xo Carole

  8. A fascinating tribute to your Dad, Celine. I am with Carole in wondering about the sound of the violin on the Moon.
    xxoo, sus

  9. It looks like a very intimate moment your father? playing the violin on the moon, romantic, tempting and very wonderful!

  10. ich finde es wundervoll, dass du dieses bild ausgesucht hast. eine hommage an deinen vater! :)) mano

  11. What a stunning colour! Your Dad sounds like a cool guy :)

  12. Liebe Celine,
    thank you for presenting this picture made by your father. Its stunning!


  13. this made me smile! your Fathers imagination with this painting is really a joy- how cool would it be to play violin on the moon!!!

  14. hee hee... yeah...
    that dark side of the moon...
    aggrgrhggh, that's a long time ago....

    but seriously...
    imagine. violins on da moon...

  15. Hi again, Celine. I am hosting next week's Drawing Challenge: Willow. If you'd like to join in again you can sign up at my blog. xo

  16. I love this! I have this funny feeling that man has never actually set foot on the moon, and seeing this cheeky violin playing astronaut...well...I am charmed!



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