Saturday, March 23, 2013

drawing challenge

This weeks host for the drawing challenge is Norma and her theme is "Egg", which fits perfectly so close before easter!
In the Netherlands we have these small, chocolade eggs in all kinds of flavours: white, dark, white-crisp, white-rasberry, dark-crisp, dark-rasberry, rasberry-caramel and so on and on. I think it's the same in other country's but I'm not sure so I explain it... Each flavour has his own colour where the chocolade is wrapped in. Just dark chocolate is mostly red, but this can be different in another store, which can be very confusing. You think you have your favourite taste, but this shop wrapped the caramel-pineappel in yellow instead of gold. We have really some easter problems over here! I based my drawing on that and let the girl search for her favourite small, chocolate treat...with a lot of concentration!

Please check out Norma's blog for some more eggs and I wish you all a wonderful weekend!


  1. and what is your favorite flavour dear Celine?
    Nice idea and well done that drawing, the colors in her hand, I love her hair, too!
    x Stefanie

  2. Thoses little touches of colour in her hands are splendid!

  3. beautiful drawing
    so soft in grey
    and her hand filled with
    sparkles of colors

    about the eastern chocolate eggs
    i like most ;^))

    fijn weekend!
    Patrice A.

  4. eine wunderschöne zeichnung, ich mag die haare, das graue kleid, die farbtupfer der eier. ein lustiger brauch ist das! ich würde auch alle durchprobieren!!
    liebe grüße, mano

  5. perhaps you should make her some glasses, special Easter egg detecting glasses? I went to the Parisian Hema shop yesterday and I saw lots of dutch Easter sweets… warm greetings from Paris!

  6. aha the egg flavour problem, yes sounds familiar ;)
    your beautifully dressed girl seems determend to find the right one, love her hair, fine work as always Celine, xx

  7. Celine, it's the same here in Canada......colours and papers and flavour not matching. I understand your girl's search and love that you captured it so well in your drawing. Mmmmm where is the caramel cream? xo Carole

  8. So is caramel-pineapple your favourite flavour? I would like to try the raspberry-dark chocolate. I have never seen eggs like this. We have wrapped eggs in foil but they are all a kind of cheap waxy dark chocolate with not too too much flavour if the truth be told. Oh I hope you have fun eating all of that exquisite chocolate Celine! Love your drawing. Beautifully executed as always, talented friend! N, xo

  9. oh stop it already, all of those mouth watering tastes here, my imagination runs riot!!! i am a legendary wrong reader of all of those coloured wraps, and always end up with milk choc somehow, my least favourite... ha h a ha...
    your drawing explains it all to me. i am that girl at the mo! ha!

  10. 'k Heb net een zakje rode gekocht. Pure chocolade, vind ik het lekkerst en dan hoef ik niet te kiezen. Wel me inhouden... Mooi die concentratie en lekker veeeeel eitjes heeft ze, wel klein... ;-)

  11. Hallo Celine deine Zeichnunge finde ich ganz wunderbar und die Geschichte mit den Schokoeiern ist sehr interessant. Bei uns gibt es auch so kleine Schokoeier in buntem Staniol aber meistens sind alle aus Vollmilch, aber nicht immer, weil es jede Menge Ausnahmen gibt - also eine ähnliche Verwirrung wie bei Euch.
    Schönes Wochenende

  12. First I thought the figure kept the egg safe. Now I see that she is chosing which color to eat. Nevertheless, great to see the difference between yoyr interpretation and Stefanie's.

  13. this makes me smile as that girl is probably me digging through my kids candy ;)
    so elegantly drawn- really lovely and so many flavors to choose!

  14. stunning drawing :) I think I may need to go hunt for chocolate eggs, too :)

  15. Das Bild ist super und die Geschichte mit den Schoko-Eiern auch. Ich bin nicht so ein Schokoladen-Fan, fühle mich aber an Gummibärchen erinnert. Die haben aber meistens die gleichen Farben, auch bei anderen Herstellern. Zumindest ähnliche. ;o)

  16. Celine, in case of chocolate, I would have no problem in the wrong egg flavor. I would eat them all! :)
    Your illustration is very delicate, right? You do not need a powerful line in the drawing, your drawing is present, is there.

    here in my country, we eat a huge Easter chocolate eggs, you have to break them and have candy inside
    also is very popular the Easter thread, is a kind of pudding large donut-shaped, also with a surprise inside.
    OK. these days I will go to the post office! ;) ♫♫♫

  17. Delightful story, Celine, illustrated perfectly in your clean modern drafting style. My mouth wants a taste of these tiny treats! Happy Easter, sus

  18. I LOVE this. Best Easter image I've seen so far this year!


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