Saturday, March 30, 2013

bunny time!

"endings are always happy", 100x150 cm

I want to wish every one a very happy, nice and maybe sunny Easter! Enjoy your weekend with family, friends or whatever your plans are and don't eat to much chocolate or eggs!

"ass-kissing mercy-missing" 100x120 cm


  1. yep!
    the sun is here, glaring opposite ours, sky is blue. will get my hands dirty this morning, because they do also promise... grey skies later.
    try and makes the best of it NOW.

  2. Wat zijn deze tekeningen prachtig Celine!

  3. Loves the colors in these paintings, Celine! Happy Easter, sus

  4. wow, great colors on these bunnies!

  5. these are stunning. happy easter to you, too xxxo

  6. ich würde sie so gern im großen original sehen! toll!
    liebe grüße von mano

  7. I hope your Easter was full of sun and bunnies and joy filled, Celine.
    xo Carole

  8. Celine, definitely, I take my hat off my head to greet you with a bow, and I raise my glass to you, as an artist like the best I've seen lately!!!
    these two pictures have left me speechless

    I like the color palette you use, and your technique is exquisite
    a separate word to say I love titles with humor:))

    May I tell everyone that Celine Schroeder, the artist, is my friend? :DDD
    (I want all the people say to me: Really???? :DDD

    Ah, thank you, happy (belated) Easter to you (did you not eat a chocolate bunny, right?)


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