Friday, February 15, 2013

the truth, the lies

May I introduce to you: my painting "for a second that is" of a serie called "the truth, the lies". I started these paintings of animals in 2009 untill 2011 when the paintings inspired by Pippi began. By the end of 2010 I started this blog, so the last ones I painted just made it to the blog. A lot of these paintings I transported last week to a school nearby. They organize exhibitions in one part of the school and they use the art for their art-classes. The children who go there have the age of 12 till 17 or so and I wonder what they think of my work....children are mostly the most honest, they just say it when they think it's nice or the worst thing they ever saw. Saturdy in a week they have an so called "open day" at the school and a small opening for my paintings as well. I'm looking forward to it and I will post some pictures. And if you like it I'll also post some of these older works: they never had to chance to shine at this blog;-) Let me know what you think!
Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. It is nice to see some of your earlier work and I do hope you will post more of these on the blog.
    Wonder how will kids take your pictures but I think one way or another you should be proud of having your work in their school. For sure it will be interesting to hear their comment and see how they see your work.
    Do have good time on the "open day" :)

  2. OK, Celine, is a good experience,to show art to youth and children. They can be cruel with their opinion, but it is interesting to know if your lenguje reaches them
    I'd like to see more of these paintings and would be good for you to return to painting in this way (it would also be good for us because then we would enjoy your art) :))))
    good weekend for you Celine!:) ♥

  3. ein tolles projekt! ich bin gespannt, wie die jugendlichen auf deine bilder reagieren!
    als ich anfing deinen blog zu lesen, hast du öfter deine monkey bilder gezeigt - ich war begeistert von ihnen! so würde ich sehr gern auch ältere arbeiten von dir sehen, I love animals!
    herzlichen gruß, mano

  4. Yes, please, show us more! Good luck with the kids.
    Happy weekend to you, Celine. xo

  5. oh, I love this one. and yes, please share more. I'd love to see all of them!! have a great weekend xx

  6. Prachtig, anders en toch herkenbaar!

  7. toll, das klingt ja spannend!
    Ich will Deine Tierbilder auch sehen. Bei Pinterest bin ich aber nicht, vielleicht später mal, hatte mal auf eine Einladung geantwortet (schon ewig her), aber war mir dann zu viel... bin ja noch bei flickr, aber da bist Du nicht oder?
    ganz liebe Grüße

  8. Hi Celine, it is very generous that you exhibit your work at a school, in my opinion giving to children is the rewarding. congratulations for your new work. I am glad i have come up with your blog, content with my chance:).
    İrem - from willem de kooning 1999-2002, from long time ago...:) i also have a young and little blog which i post things very occasionally at the moment..


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