Monday, February 25, 2013

quite happily

Here are some pictures of my paintings hanging at the school. I totally forgot to take pictures as the exhibition opend, so there would be people in it. Now it looks a bit sad I think, but you can see my paintings very good this way, haha! The corridor is really grey so my paintings works well. There were a lot of people on saturday so I'm quite happy about it. My paintings stay there until the end of June.
Wish you all a good start in the new week!


  1. wow wow wow super cool!
    tolle serie, gab es schon reaktionen von den kindern?
    x stefanie

    1. I totally forgot to tell about the kids; most of them were really surprised that there suddenly were paintings. most of them liked them, found them very "cool", haha! and some of them found them weird. one kid asked himself if this was ment to be funny...

  2. great! congratulations with your work, i like your use of color, the strong tones are beautifully balanced with the darker and softer ones and you do great backgrounds, i also love how you used different painting techniques in one work, enjoy your show, x

  3. congratulations, you work looks stunning on those walls!

  4. ich schließe mich den kids an finde sie auch sehr, sehr cool!!

  5. Your work looks terrific gracing the walls - I am glad no people in these shots blocking the view! Congratulations, sus

  6. Celine, I can only say that it looks wonderful. if I was the director of that school, would these works of art hanging on the walls throughout the year. children and adolescents should be in contact with art permanently. aesthetic criteria is something that is learned, and develops and grows, seeing and hearing.

  7. these are stunning. I really really like them :)

  8. Totally amazing! I hope the kids appreciate having your work on their walls.

  9. So so glad for you girl and proud of you and your work - it is an awesome thing to have kids look at your pictures and just be straight out and open. Hope you have more exhibitions like this and present some of your new work too. All together great job and congrats :)

  10. What a fantastic work!
    A beautiful set, congratulations on exhibition, I loved Celine!
    a hug


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