Thursday, February 7, 2013

sort things by colour

I'm back! I can't wait to see what happend on your blogs, even it was only a week. That's the proof of how you can get addicted to new media...
Now have to do my laundry, even after a small trip it's possible to make a lot of stuff dirty;-)
So everything is almost back to normal and I wish you already a good weekend!


  1. Hey!!! welcome back home!!!!!!! take it easy, Ha Ha :)
    Here as usual, a little rain... a little sun... awaiting your return with a cup of coffee in hand.
    Hey, save me the blue for me, I love pac man! is my size? :))))))))))

  2. Ik herken de verslaving, er zijn ergere!
    Geweldige afbeelding, iets voor threadless! Succes!

  3. Nice to have you back and can't wait to read new posts for you girl. Get some rest, unpack and do your stuff up-to-date and above all enjoy today and weekend :)

  4. schön, dass du wieder zurück bist! deine wäsche ist so lustig - ich mag die linke besonders! :-) mano

  5. Celine! I LOVE this! Absolutely delightful :)


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