Thursday, February 28, 2013

it looks better on tv...

...more real somehow.

This is the title of my new big drawing, made after I found an old sketch of the first drawings I wanted to make. I never made this one, because it has two girls in it (obviously...). Because I'm struggling were to take these drawings I really wanted to draw this one. I'm still not sure were to take it from here, but I don't think this is the worst of the drawings until now, haha! I looked trough my other older sketches and somehow I found a few which I think I still want to draw. In my last post about my drawings I asked myself what's the point of making more girls with wapens... the question is still here but I found some sketches which I find interesting to realize. So lets just wait and see. If you want to see all the drawings I made untill now you can check out my website. There're also some pictures were you can see how big they are in "real life".


  1. I was surprised again at just how big each drawing is. I would love to see them in real.

  2. Hi, my friend,
    I want to ask you something. Why you make yourself questions about why you draw what you draw? let it flow, let it flow... Asking questions like that, you only manage to wear your creative energy, let it flow until you feel bored with what you're doing, then you start something new.
    Sorry for my advice, you can not take it. Sometimes I have to close my mouth, right? but is stronger than me :)))
    This drawing is excellent as all the others you showed up today!!!!
    have a nice weekend!!!!!!!!!

    1. I agree with Roberto - let it flow the way you feel at the moment until the moment is done and enenrgy drained. Then you jump on something else and rediscover yourself all over again.
      You do great things with art as far I am concern and I always like to see what is next so let it flow :)

  3. i don't think it is important why your girls carry weapons. the power lies in the image, or rather in the imagination. it triggers (word choice! hee hee) all sorts of connotations in the viewer's eye. what it does to me is reflect upon our lives. there's girls, and weapons, in our lives. you just make it happen, in your own unique way. and that's powerful for any artist to come up with.
    so yeah.
    i want to see all of these for real too.

  4. die beiden sind ganz schön furchteinflößend! besonders wenn man sie in der größe von 2,50 x 2,20 sehen könnte! was ich sehr gern tun würde!!


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