Friday, December 14, 2012

some tears, trials, tribulations for new stuff!

I don't know were to start, so much has happened, mostly in my head... and all of it about my art, and what art is and why some of it is so caled "high" or "important" art and some of it isn't and blablabla. Anyway: it all started with another cancellation for my drawings. I became kind of depressed, very sad and angry! Other people deside if my drawings are oke and if they are good enough or if they fir into their concept. So I decided to put some more energy in the other stuff I make: the things just for fun or just for friends.  The things that do not count in the art-world: the so-called hobby things... I was so tired of this discussion about art and the feeling about my other stuff, that they are not good enough or at least not in the world I want to fit in. So I decided all the stuff I make mathers and I just start something new, more "commercial". And I have fun doing it! So: I started a new label that goes by the name "Atelier Spunk" (atelier means as much as studio) and here you can find the jewelery I make. The shop isn't online yet, I hope it will be next week. I even updated my facebook-account which I ignored all these years... maybe some of you are out there as well, you'll find me here. And if you think it is a bit okay what I'm doing you can like the page of Spunk:
Enough for now, more later on, I wish you all a nice weekend!


  1. oh my dear friend
    I cry with you about...
    I feel like you.
    Success for all your projects!

  2. Don't worry too much about the opinion of a few, If they don't like it let them go find what fits their taste, there will be other people that appreciate your work.
    When it's important to you then it matters...high art, commercial art are just labels put by people that don't participate in your (or any)creative process anyway.

    1. I've couldn't said it better. I totaly agree with this comment.

  3. My dear friend. is because things as you say here, that I'm always against judges in art, art critics, etc. even the mere opinion of ordinary people like any of us. because I believe that the artist must be free of any pressure. the artist should not be influenced by anything. because his path in life is to create, but to create what comes from inside you, not what others say, it must come from inside you. this should not be interpreted as, that I disagree with learning techniques, no, the artist must improve their technique and learn new,
    but creativity can not be influenced. this should not be interpreted as I think that the reality of the world should not influence the artist, not the artist must "process" reality, and then express it, and if the artist wants, he can also take his opinion through his work.
    only one word is enough for you to change the way that you came by creating, and that you should not allow it.
    you, just be true to yourself, it should not matter if others like your art. You will only be one creative person.
    have a nice weekend!!!

  4. ich finde es gut, wenn du dich nicht nur ärgerst, sondern neues anfängst, was dir auch viel spaß macht. es gibt einen guten satz von thomas kapielski, einem deutschen, ziemlich verrückten künstler: "gute kunst setzt sich durch, weil man gut nennt, was sich durchsetzt".
    so sieht es aus!
    ich finde deinen schmuck toll und wünsche dir ganz viel erfolg damit!
    und schau bei mir vorbei: ich hab jetzt das rotkäppchen von karamboola!
    herzlichen gruß von mano

  5. Beste Celine, het is wat stil de laatste tijd van mijn kant. Dat komt door fanilie omstandigheden. Maar ik volg je trouw. Vind dat je ontzettend goed bezig bent. Iedereen heeft zo gemakkelijk z'n mening klaar over wat tussen haakjes 'kunst' is. Ik bewonder je werk. En heb maling aan de rest.

  6. lieve Céline,
    alleen daarom al, om dat wat je zegt, vind ik het woord kunstenaar niet een fijne
    ik heb net als jij de Kunstacademie gedaan en ben op papier daardoor kunstenaar
    maar ik voel me meer een maker, een woord dat beter bij mij past
    bij wie ik ben en wat ik maak
    ik ben gelukkig als mijn handen dingen maken
    en het maakt me blij als andere mensen daar ook weer gelukkig van worden
    kunst of Kunst, minder belangrijk

    Patrice A.

  7. I hear you. it's hard to find a balance between what you value and what others want, a balance between being authentic and being commercial. you'll figure it out. I often get frustrated and wish I'd live in a world where I could just do what I want to, but alas, that's not going to happen. keep going. I love what you do!!!

  8. Dear talented, Celine, keep doing what you do knowing that so many others love your work and you! xo

  9. céline,
    this question will never die. it'll always pop up.
    i find your art very powerful, and all it needs is the proper eye and heart to feel it, who will also promote it. this can take a long while, and some luck is sometimes involved. patience is a wonderful thing. i encourage you to keep on believing, and yes! certainly! keep your mind occupied by this LOVELY deviation you have in your fingertips too, it seems to me.
    well done, and good luck, i'm gonna friend you on fb now.


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