Wednesday, December 26, 2012

one more or one less...


This card made my dad for me for christmas. He let one of my Pippi's spread all the things I'm doing lately, all my different projects like the drawings, the crockery, necklaces and rings, the shop. I'm always worried if I don't do to much and if it all makes sence, because it's not one style and so on and on and on.... But now on this card it somehow does make sence and it just shows that I'm trying and working on it.  And maybe the projects aren't that different as I thought....


  1. Sometimes projects can seem hard on you and make you think you are not doing your best or just doing too much at once. Often my projects make me think I just took a huge bite into something I can't chew all the way. What I do, and what I recomend to you, is to keep chewing. Cause as far as I can see all the stuff you are doing right now are pretty neat and awesome and I can't wait to see what is coming next from your creative world.
    Neat card and good boost up from your dad. That is just what you needed - to see and feel the sence of what you are doing. To see how others see your creations and efforts. Thumbs up from me :)

  2. Good thing, another perspective can give you real insight about what you are doing. I really identify with that questioning of how all of ones various projects hang together. I love your work, Celine! Keep on making!! -sus

  3. What a nice dad you have! Keep working, dear Celine, all your projects are interesting and beautifully created. xo

  4. what a lovely and special thing to do, making you this card!
    all your projects, they are all expressions of you, don't worry about style, it's good looking in different directions, it all makes sense, x

  5. that's very sweet of your dad. and believe me, you're not alone with your worries. I'm constantly wondering, too, if I should focus on one thing instead of three, or if being versatile is actually a good thing, of if I should focus on one thing instead of three, or if being versatile is.... on and on and on. I think some people just are like that. xxo

  6. Celine, the worst that can happen to an artist is not to do!!!!
    Projects that are made ​​and unmade, styles that are changed ... ultimately, Search, that is the fate of the artist.
    Do not feel bad, because while you're searching, you're alive and creating :)
    Happy New Year, my dear Artist friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))

  7. Succes met alles. Ik ben benieuwd naar je shop!

  8. What a wonderful card! Your Dad must be very special in your life- it's a gift to you that he is so attentive to your creative pursuits.
    As for the project continuum... keep doing all that you want to do. You'll figure it out when the time comes.
    It's what I tell myself too.

    As Carole said, all your projects are interesting and beautifully created.

  9. Ganz liebe tolle Karte!
    So vertraut, das mit den vielen Projekten und Stilen und dann wieder das (angebliche) Zuwenigtun.
    Alles gehört zusammen und dann ist halt das Dein Stil, die roten Haare sind viele rote Fäden in Deinem Künstlerleben.
    Mach einfach weiter, ich guck gespannt zu Dir rüber!
    Fühl Dich gedrückt und alles Gute für 2013
    x Stefanie

  10. was für eine liebevolle und schöne karte!! ich mag alle deine projekte und freu mich auf neues in 2013!
    sei ganz herzlich gegrüßt von mano


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