Sunday, December 23, 2012


So I did not find that small door to escape which I drew in my last post. It has been busy, the gifst are wrapped, the cooking is almost done so I hope today I can draw a bit more and relax.
This is a picture I took of a nativity scene which is build every year across our street at a farm. There is a day-care at this farm for mental disabled kids and they made this figures. I really like them, especially the animals make me smile.

What I want to say to you all: I hope you have a very nice christmas together with people you love, some nice food and well...some presents! Wish you some wonderfull days!


  1. Oh, Celine, what a pity!!! you not find the little door!!!
    but maybe it's because you were not supposed to find it, think, surely, there are people who want to be with you, to share a good time and make wishes together.

    This is a beautiful crib!

    OK. I wish you the happiest holidays and a new year with lots of love and happiness

  2. Hi, Celine - glad you are done with your preparations and finding time to slow and draw, relax and enjoy the Holiday. Merry Christmas -sus

  3. I didn't find it either ;) happy holidays xxo

  4. the same to you, dear! as you know, I kind of did escape. but as we also know, we always take ourself with us ;-) so all the wrapping and wirting happened last night.

  5. Very interesting detail about that neat picture - makes me like it little bit more now.
    Sorry about your door, but still it is the way it is. Just keep your head up.
    Wishing you all the best for the holidays to come and I hope you do enjoy the Christmas day but your drawing also.

  6. The nativity figures are amazing. Also is the picture!
    Happy Holidays Céline!!

  7. The animals make me smile too. I'd love to live across from that farm!


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