Saturday, December 8, 2012

drawing challenge

This weeks drawing challenge is hosted by WOOLF and her great theme is Cactus. I'm going more by her subtitle: "please, don't go sit on a cactus, ayayay! ooy!" I actually really like cacti, I have a lot of them and this year some of them got some really nice flowers. And if I got my fingers full of the cactus needles I always blame myself for being not that carefull, not the cactus!
For more drawings on this theme please go to the wonderful WOOLF's blog!


  1. ha, I love that. again, it's the attitude!

  2. what can I say, but ha. this is funny. did you know that there is a cactus with the german name of schwiegermuttersitz (a seat for the mother-in-law)?

  3. dear Celine, you made this topic yours completely,very challenging :) enjoy your cacti, xx

  4. Dear Céline,
    I suffer vicariously with that woman, feel it in my back...
    great drawing!

    x Ariane.

  5. Oh dear, I can nearly feel the needles in her back...outch!
    Like a fakir on a bed of nails...

  6. Celine, I love this picture, what a beautiful woman you've drawn. Oh, that feeling that she is about to fall on the cactus, gives me goosebumps
    and pain!!!!!!!!!!
    Beautiful illustration! :)

  7. there! you've done it! and you've done it well! put your greens to the paper!!!
    and you would not be céline, if you didn't add your céline brand. now here's where you illustrate my point exactly on cacti. crackers... just think.... ;)))
    thanks for playing, x

  8. EEEE ouch that would hurt! Fantastic drawing, Celine.

  9. deine meinung zum kaktus gefällt mir. ich mag kakteen nicht so sehr, weil ich mir früher oft beim umtopfen stacheln in die finger gezogen habe. aber du hast recht: ICH muss aufpassen! was kann der arme kaktus dafür, dass ich so dumm bin!
    dein bild ist wunderschön und witzig zugleich!
    herzlichen gruß, mano

  10. i feel i want to reach out and pull her up! your drawing evokes a slightly disturbing feeling but with a whimsy to balance it out. It's really, really great!

  11. fantastic!
    great energy and an element of menace. Your artwork is intriguing Celine I really like it a lot.

    Helen :)


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