Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What do you think? and more...

As you can see I made a second t-shirt with a drawing on it. In this post I showed you my first steps into the world of t-shirts, fibre-tip pens and fabric. I told you of my concern that the drawing would fade or even be totally gone if I washed it. Well.... It's not gone, but the drawing is fading away. I did some research and the first shirt I used was not 100% cotton. Even if it's only 95% cotton, this could be the reason. So I made this yellow version on a 100% cotton shirt (it's not easy to find a nice cotton shirt for a woman...) and I washed it twice and it's looking good! I'm going to wash it a bit more, because I want to sure. And by the way: I'm standing in front of a new finished drawing.


  1. Really cool! This works well on a yellow shirt. And the new drawing is awesome! I especially like the lips and her facial expression.

  2. congratulations! the pipis are getting stronger with each version. and the shirt... I'll stop it to not sound weird! great job!

  3. wow, fascinerende tekening en foto, Celine, daar kun je naar blijven kijken... Mooi dat het t-shirt zo lang is, dan komt de Pippi-tekening goed uit.

  4. Hi Céline, would be a shame if you take a lot of work to draw on the shirt, your picture is deleted in no time. It might be interesting to stamp them with some shablon such as those used in screen printing is not difficult, and inks for textiles support many washes.
    Hmmm ... not good to hear that today do not have a good day :/
    I send my good vibes, up up and go!
    I like the picture of the shirt, Dangerous Innocence, I would call it
    Thanks a lot for stoping by!!!!!

  5. A double BRAVO to you Céline!!!! The t-shirt looks great, the colours really make sure it gets seen. That drawing is huge, very intense, it certainly catches your attention.

  6. das t-shirt ist so cool, obwohl - ich würde ein wenig angst bekommen, wenn ich hinter dir herginge...

  7. céline, this photo is great!
    you facing Pippi, who is surprised with your shirt!
    I loved both jobs - the shirt, it seems perfect!

  8. I really do love this photo of you in your self designed shirt facing one of your fabulous drawings!!! Amazing work Celine- just amazing.


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