Thursday, May 17, 2012

pack my bag

After making two t-shirts with my drawings on it, this time I made a drawing on a bag. What do you think of this experiment? I think I like it.

At the same time I'm still working and thinking about the t-shirts. I did some research on printing the drawing on the shirt, but that was not really what I want or what I'm looking for. Maybe I find a place where I can do some tests with silkscreen. But the real question here is: do I want to make a lot at the same time to sell or do I want to make an artwork on a t-shirt? Which means it will be more expensive but exactly the way I want it to be. Or is it just an experiment and for me? Well, as you can see: I have a lot to think about...


  1. the bag is great; especially the part of her tail growing over the handles. I do see your "problem" though. do we want to create doubles of our work or stick with the originals? I have tried the first over Christmas, creating series, but I have to say: no. this is not my cup of tea. screenprinting could be a nice compromise. tricky, tricky. still.

  2. Hi Celine.
    What a great question!
    I think if you make a single piece, or if you do 20 (i.e.) your art is the same. Probably doing 20, you will approach your art to more people, probably the price of each will be less.
    Anyway, there's another question, art is something popular, or for elites? I do not really know which one is the answer, I think the artist should not ask yourself that question, the artist must create, create, and create, without prejudice and without preconceptions. only by creating, the artist grows.

  3. I think you should sell it! Both shirt and bag are great, little piece of art that you could also wear. Maybe you should make a few bags and shirt just to see if they are going to sell, but I'm sure they will :)
    Good luck anyway :*

  4. I like the bag, it's very cool!

  5. mir gefällt sie sehr!
    eine schwere entscheidung - deine kunst als "massenware" oder als einzelstück. ich bin gespannt, was du machen wirst. die hauptsache ist, dass du dich damit gut fühlst!

  6. Pippi is ook mooi op de tas, ben benieuwd naar de verdere ontwikkeling. Leuk om te volgen!


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