Monday, May 14, 2012


For everyone who wants to visit or happen to be in Maastricht: you can see my drawings during the KunstTour Maastricht. More than 200 artists of international diverse backgrounds will exhibit their work. The opening takes place on friday the 25 of May and you can visit the exhibition on the 26, 27 and the 28 of May. You can find my work in The Royal Mosa, a former porcelain factory, which is also the epicenter of the Art Tour and starting point for the walking and bike routes which will take you through the studios, squats and art institutions.
For more information, routes and addresses:


  1. congrats Celine :) have a great time and post some photos<3

  2. schade, dass ich nicht im westen von deutschland wohne - würde gerne alles sehen, besonders aber deine bilder! liebe grüße und viel erfolg!

  3. Ja, ik had het al gelezen. Wat gaat een jaar toch snel. Ik weet niet of ik dit jaar kom. Misschien, in ieder geval veel succes.

    If I were a magician or something like have Aladdin's lamp, I would ask a desire to be there on May 25!!! :)

  5. klinkt leuk, helaas beetje ver. Veel plezier in ieder geval en je plaatst vast wat van je belevenissen hier :-)


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