Friday, May 11, 2012

the edge of May

The last two weeks we had a lot of rain over here. At the same time it was very warm so that are good conditions for plants to grow. Because it was so cold for a long time, there was not a lot of work in the garden, but now everything just exploded! So this weekend I have to work a little bit in our garden. Not to much, I like a wild garden, but I still want to see the funny schulpture and my strawberry-plants also need some space. And I have to sort out my drawings: which ones I will show in the exhibition. A busy weekend it will be, I hope you will enjoy yours too!


  1. Hi Céline, it's good to clean of weeds the garden from time to time!!! have you noticed that this activity also clears your mind of worries? :)
    I love your sculpture! It's kind of toad? :)
    Well, good weekend for you, and I guess you'll have a difficult job selecting your drawings. Good luck!!!!!!!

  2. bei mir sieht es auch so aus... wie du weißt, liebe ich auch wilde gärten! viel spaß bei der gartenarbeit und bei räumen deiner bilder!

  3. Love gardening! I'll also do it this weekend. Maybe sow some seeds..


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