Friday, March 23, 2012

a touchy situation

Every time I finish a drawing there's the challenge of taking a picture of it. It's quite difficult because they are so big, I have to be careful with the paper (you  can't see it on this picture but I have to stand on  a chair or ladder). And I have to wait for the correct light, because you see every shadow on the white paper. After that I still have to clean them up in photoshop...most of the time it takes an hour to make them look okay. You can see a glimpse of a new drawing by the way, wish you all a nice weekend!


  1. Och, Celine je hebt eigenlijk een assistent nodig voor dit kritische karweitje.
    Jij ook fijn weekend met dit weer kan het niet meer stuk.

  2. I guess the hard work this gives you, Celine!!!
    and I suppose that cleaning with photoshop, perhaps more than an hour. we must add further anxiety, right?
    Sometimes I think that the artist's work ends when you put the last stroke, or draw the last line. everything that comes after it as "another world" far from you intimate and private and personal, workplace, right? :)
    Have a nice weekend!!
    Be careful when you get on a chair! :):) :) :)

  3. was für eine arbeit - aber jetzt kann ich verstehen, warum die fotos von deinen werken immer so toll sind! ich finde, das machst du richtig gut und professionell. ich bin leider nicht fit in fotoshop...

  4. what an amazing piece. i always wonder how long it takes you to finish one...

  5. oh .. Pippi this, looks great! I love her movement;
    need to take care of it

    if lower, you would shoot on the floor,
    on a ladder, in the daylight
    watching the perspective ...

  6. altijd weer bijzonder en leuk om te zien hoe groot ze zijn!

  7. Wow, will you have a new exhibition soon? I really want one of your amazing Pippi drawings, especially when she is armed


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