Monday, March 12, 2012

it has to give in

I finished a new drawing. This one is a bit different then the rest of the drawings, maybe this is the first one where the girl is giving in and is not so strong anymore. Has she enough of it?

At the moment I'm struggling a bit with my drawings. I don't really know where to go with them. I'm working at two drawings now which belong together and after these two I have to see where to go next.... My head is faster then my hand can draw, I made so many new sketches but the next day I doubt them already.


  1. Hoi Celine, Deze is duidelijk anders dan de vorige grote Pippi-tekeningen. Hier lijkt zij zich bedreigd, niet in-control te voelen terwijl in de voorgaande tekeningen zij juist heel zelfverzekerd en ook wel dreigend uitzag. Ik wilde je even laten weten dat ik vandaag een Pippi-sticker op een lantaarnpaal in de stad opmerkte. Ik weet dat je er meerdere hebt geplakt, maar je oog moet er maar net opvallen. Grappig als je toch onverwacht zoiets bekends ziet!

  2. Hi Celine
    Artist and doubt
    I could tell, they are sister words
    if the artist has no doubts about his art, he does not advance
    not grow.
    also, true enjoyment is when you find the tip of the ball of yarn to begin to clarify these doubts
    You stay quiet, is not bad to have doubts :)

  3. No doubting! I bet they are all wonderful--just like this one. I want those striped socks!! :)

  4. ze is prachtig, haar concentratie, haar houding, echt weer een hele mooie Pippi! Leuk om je te volgen, ben benieuwd :-)

  5. oh please don’t doubt yourself, your work is amazing. i can’t wait to see your next phase...

  6. I agree that doubt is part of being an artist. As a viewer of your glorious work- I have NO DOUBT that your art is spectacular! The answer is always in doing the work.
    I love this drawing Celine- it is beautiful.

  7. oh ja, das mit den zweifeln kenn ich nur zu gut... ich lass mir meist zeit, lasse arbeiten liegen und schaue sie mir tage später wieder an. oft revidiert sich die eigene meinung. ich würd so gern deine skizzen sehen! liebe grüße von mano

  8. is beautiful! she is more loving and wanting to be free ...
    your lines are clean and impeccable.

    is comforting, you tell us about the head is faster,
    and doubts that come the next day; this always happens to me


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