Thursday, March 15, 2012

one word or idea

As a comment to my last post, Mano wrote that she would love to see some of my sketches... I work in phases and these sketches are the last step before I start the actual drawing. I also write all kind of possible titles or words on them that I associate with the drawing. I keep a book where I collect sentences, maybe I show you some pages of that too someday. These drawings are made on the computer ( with red colour pencil try-outs on them) and not very spectacular...


  1. Once I saw that Seurat to paint his painting La Grande Jatte first he painted numerous sketches that were already a work of art in themselves.
    I always admired people who do that.
    ever, I can make an important sketch before painting something
    I only do small sketches with the idea, but with a few pencil lines
    I admire you and I congratulate you! :)

  2. they are anything close to not spectacular. I love them; their not finished attitude and the delicacy they come with.

  3. liebe céline, vielen, vielen dank, dass du deine skizzen hier zeigst. ich finde sie ganz großartig und würde sehr gern länger in deiner skizzen-sammlung stöbern! einiges hab ich wiedererkannt! sie sind so interessant und lebendig. du könntest glatt ein buch daraus machen. ich würde es mit sicherheit kaufen!
    viele grüße von mano

  4. Schetsjes zijn altijd zo leuk, minstens zo belangrijk als het echte werk!

  5. i love seing that side of yoru work;
    i mean your drawing are done on such a grand scale, it’s nice to see where you start with them! it would make a lovely book all those beautiful sketches and words....

  6. Fascinating! Thanks for sharing these. :)

  7. Oh! I loke this, Celine! Somehow it feels like a book!

  8. Céline let me day that I loved the work of your last post, I find it really good.

    well to see so many drawings of you together is amazing :-)

    have a nice week end

  9. that beauty, see your sketches!
    really enjoyed!


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