Friday, February 24, 2012

temporary fix

For the last 3 weeks I'm working on the same drawing. Although working is not the correct word, I'm more staring at it and getting frustrated. And why? Because I have no pencils left! When I started I picked a colour red by Derwent Artist pencils to draw with and off course two weeks later the shop over here took them out of their selection. I can still order the pencils so about a month ago I did, but this time something went wrong and I'm still waiting. I already got a pencil extender so I can use almost every bit of the pencil. But I can't draw a face this way. Last week I was so tired of this situation that I started a search on the internet and it's pretty impossible to get the pencils in The Netherlands, or you have to pay a lot of forwarding charges. Now I found a shop in Germany and hopefully I have them by tomorrow so I can start drawing again! 
I wishyou all I nice weekend and sorry for this whining post...


  1. ah Céline... if we were neighbors..
    I'd give you my pencil! ;)
    I imagine the frustration of wanting to continue the work ... new Pippi!!!!
    but as nothing happens by accident,
    was asked patience, for you now!
    surely they will come soon!

    a great weekend

  2. You'll see. You'll have them tomorrow...

  3. Celine maybe is good a little breack! Maybe it was the fate your work will be at least beautifull you will see

    ps: but i anyway undesrtand you

  4. is this part of the drawing that I saw in your previous post?
    Oh! my mother!
    You draw supersized!
    I could never do, I lose the proportion
    I admire you Céline!!

  5. Ho frustrating! I hope you get them soon...
    Beautiful usual :)

  6. beautiful work though. i can’t wait to see the final image. you work on such a large scale. i wonder how long it takes you to finish each piece... (when you have your pencils!)
    xo sandra


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