Monday, February 20, 2012

like the best of men

I finished a new drawing. I like the energy in this one, the way she moves. I also find it kind of funny with a scary touch. Maybe more like a cartoon or so....
Do you even recognize what it is that she is holding in her hands? I was just wondering about that, because the perspective is a bit twisted.


  1. it’s definitely an electric saw, isn’t?
    i like her very much too, such a strong energy in this one.

  2. nice blog! :)
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    thank you. :)

  3. pippi ist wieder mal großartig!
    ich glaube, sie hat eine kettensäge (I don't know the english word..). wir wohnen auf dem land und alle männer rundherum machen des öfteren tierischen lärm damit...!

  4. Pippi is strong and never give up!
    this drawing has much movement, should be the weight of the chainsaw ...
    [I felt more threatened in this situation]
    Excellent work!

  5. prachtige 'grootse' Pippi weer, Celine :-) 'k Vind het steeds zo mooi hoe jij de composities maakt!

  6. Oh I am worried now! Pippi with a chainsaw?!
    I like it very much.

  7. Obviously, a tennis racket ...

    HA HA! Nooo, a chainsaw! HA HA :)
    which makes she in a very dangerous girl

    yes, yes, it is really very dynamic
    I congratulate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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