Sunday, February 26, 2012


Yesterday my pencils arrived, hurrah! So I could finally draw the face of my new Pippi-girl. As soon as I finished the drawing I will post it. I feel a lot better now!

To answer the question of Roberto (and maybe also for some of the new readers of this blog): yes, my drawings are big. 150 x 230 cm, if you want to see the proportions, take a look at this post.


  1. Glad you can start working on your new Pippi.
    I would love to see your drawings personally.

  2. OK, this is HUGE!
    I can not believe it, my drawings have, just 15 x20 centimeters (:
    Céline, you are among my most admired people!
    I like the red line provides extra drama to the drawing,
    maybe contrasts the image of a girl, tender, sweet,
    with red color, puts some conceptual distance, I do not know.
    (sorry, I hate doing analysis of the works produced by an artist)
    Thanks for stopping by. and for your comment.
    I just, I put one word after another :)

  3. oh céline, wie gut, dass du deine stifte so schnell bekommen hast! ich finde es manchmal auch ganz schrecklich, wenn ich das passende material nicht habe.
    jetzt bin ich gespannt auf das ganze bild! bis bald dann!

  4. cannot wait for the complete Pippi action!

  5. ben ook weer benieuwd naar deze Pippi, ze ziet er weer veelbelovend uit :-)

  6. ah! great!
    are already well used, this head is lovely.


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