Thursday, November 3, 2011

quite happily

Today I was walking in our garden and wondering about the beautiful colours of autumn. I just love the brightness of yellow, orange and red. Amazing what nature can show us. Over here in The Netherlands we had a wonderful October and now even in November it's really warm. I guess it soon will be over, but for know there still are some flowers:

And even my red-hot-chilli-pepper-plants are still alive and that in November! Amazing!


  1. Beautiful pictures! I also enjoy Autumn colours. Here it's very cold already. And it gets dark soon.

  2. For the past few years we lived in a tropical climate it was warm all the time. (Believe it or not that was a bit boring after a while.)
    We moved to Vancouver where i am really enjoying the seasons again.i did not realise how much i missed it when i was away. Holland is pretty magic like that all year around...
    xo sandra

  3. fijne structuur en kleur in de bovenste, zo prachtig de herfst en nu nog pepers...!

  4. Mooi al die kleuren in de herfst. Toch ben ik meer van de lente en de zomer. Fijn weekend, Helmi

  5. beautifull shot
    I KNOW YOU TO DAY thank you

  6. really the colors of autumn are the most lovely!
    it seems that they store energy for winter ...

    your garden is a private paradise!
    a big hug!

  7. A lot of my flowers are still alive too, but today I need to start pulling them before gets too cold to be in the garden!

  8. wunderbare farbenpracht!
    heute war der erste tag ohne sonne, voll von grauem nebel. richtiger november halt. aber auch schön!


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