Thursday, November 24, 2011

it's so beautiful, but it's not real

Me and my sister made another trip, this time to the "Efteling". It's a theme park and everybody in the Netherlands does know it and if you are in the Netherlands I would say: visit it! Off course they have also rollar coasters, but the whole park is really magical ans has this great atmosphere. They are famous for their "fairy tale forest" where you can see all the famous fairy tales: red riding hood, Rapunzel and so on and a lot of dwarfs. Now they have build something new: this tree who tells stories and moves his leaves and somethimes a rabbit comes out of a whole an talkes back. There was a lot of fog that day, so that helped creating a nice sphere. The Efteling did another wonderful job creating something for your fantasy!

And a picture of me standing next to a giant gatekeeper. He makes me feel good about myself because I feel so small next to him. I'm 1.78 m and always feeling to biggest girl in the room....


  1. Looks like a fun and magical place! You had a lot of fun, didn't you? This inspires me to go to someplace interesting.

  2. he, leuk, de efteling, daar ben ik al in geen jaren meer geweest. Grappig om te zien, die mist maakt het inderdaad nog mysterieuzer...

    'k vond altijd die holle bolle gijs leuk met zijn papier hier... dank je wel! zei die dan, als je je hand erin stopte :-)

  3. what a delight, ride!
    I wish, as a child, being in a park like this! ...
    the day was great for a mood so!


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