Tuesday, November 1, 2011

high noon again

It has been a while ago since I posted a part of the next Pippi-drawing I'm working on. It's has been finished for a while but I could not take a nice picture of it, because of the rebuilding that was going on in the house. For me this girl looks kind of sad, because she knows she's always going to be faster then you.... Or maybe she doesn't really care.


  1. This Pippi theme is very interesting. Me gusta. :)

  2. To me she really looks like she means business, with not a single doubt that she will be faster one if challenged and thus making sure no one will dare to ... powerful sketch!!

  3. I am going with you; to know you will always be quicker than the other and even more, understanding what this means, must be incredibly sad. Céline, these theme has so much in it. Never stops to amaze me!

  4. i am loving the rendering on this one. So who is Pipi up against?!?!?

  5. She KNOWS! But, yes, I doubt she cares. Wonderful, powerful drawing. Super!!!!

  6. Pippi, cool! I grew up with pippi, and all other fantastic fairy tales by Astrid Lindgren.

    Where are you from?

    and Thank you, and your welcome!
    Feel fre to follow me. Have a great weekend!

    johanna, sweden

  7. Great work! I love the Pippi !!
    her gaze impress me very much,
    and that this blouse with collar ... the best

  8. I love the way you've emphasized the hair with shading and texture, and then left the rest of the drawing quite line-based and simple. It really makes a great composition. Cool colours, too!

  9. Prachtig weer deze pipi Celine! en nog gefeliciteerd:) LoveLies


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