Wednesday, March 16, 2011

very pink superhero girl!

 Let me introduce you to Mega Mindy: she's a children's supernatural-superhero and very popular by young girls in Belgium and the Netherlands. A friend of mine asked me if I would make a painting for het daughter (age 5) for her new room and it had to be Mega Mindy!
The story of the television show reminds me a lot at Batman... mmmm. It revolves around Mieke, a girl who lives with her grandparents and works as a police officer but also has a secret identity as superhero Mega Mindy. She tries to keep it a secret, but falls in love with Toby who also works at the police. He is in love with Mega Mindy and doesn't know that Mieke secretly likes him and is actually Mega Mindy. She tries to find a way to balance between work and being a superhero, but it isn't always easy. (haha)
Well, I hope I made a young girl happy and I've seen enough pink for a while....


  1. I hadn´t heard of Mega Mindy before. Her colleague Toby reminds me of Superman´s girlfriend. They are both in love with a superhero and they don´t know that their sweethearts are actually working with them.
    I´m sure the little girl will like the painting!

  2. @Gen: you're right: they remind me of Superman, not Batman! What a mistake, haha.

  3. pleased to meet you Mega Mindy!

  4. Cool! I had never heard of Mega Mindy until now. Very pink. My room's going to be in pink tones, but not girlish pink. So you make paintings by orders also? I was wondering do you have some postcards made of your paintings? You could send me one...

  5. Wat lief, heb je iemand heel erg blij gemaakt.


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