Thursday, March 24, 2011

high heels clippin

I drew this very fashionable bunny-girl: with tight jeans and high heels. I think the computer drawing works better than the painting, although the elephants bring something funny and weird to it.
But maybe she is not that cool, and tells her pose another story...


  1. I like both! The elephants in the background of the second painting are cool!

  2. love love yr backgrounds!!
    I was wondering, do you paint yourself a bit in all those girls? well, not in this one, obviously ;)

  3. Superleuk deze stoere bunnygirls, als trotse bezitter van m'n 2 konijnen Wol en Plof ben natuurlijk gelijk verkocht!
    De hele rabbit serie is trouwens super, wat Pollock een prachtig Pollock, en zeker ze kunnen heel goed tegen de kou kijk maar:
    Hartelijke groet Anja

  4. Another nice work! And ... the elephant-background fits in well with the Elephant Parade that has just started in Heerlen. Did you have te chance to see it already? You're descriptions lately seem to have a mysterious, uncertain or perhaps even sad twist to them ... or am I mistaken?


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