Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nuralagus rex or a really big rabbit!

Next to the cute little rabbit you can see the Nuralagus rex. The Society of Vertebrate Paleontology annouced last week the news about this rabbit. He was jumping around at our planet about 4 million years ago, at the island Menorca. His weight was about 12 kilo. If animals live on an island, they become often bigger or smaller then the animals on the continent. The Nuralagus misses the special adjustments that a rabbit needs at the continent to escape from the enemy. He can not run that fast or jump and his sense of hearing was not that great. He just walked arround the island. They found bones so they could reconstruct the big rabbit.
I found this very interesting article in the newspaper and I made my own drawings of the big rabbit:


  1. Oh I was very happy when I saw this post! Just yesterday I translated an article about Nuralagus rex for my school-work! I found this article very interesting, too, that's why I chose it. And you drew this giant rabbit! So cool, Céline!

  2. deine hasen-zeichnungen sind wundervoll! - ja, die steine von rügen sind toll, besonders die mit löchern. bei uns nennt man sie "hühnergötter"!

  3. Mooi, toevallig moet ik ook terug in de tijd. Maandag moet ik een creatieve-les geven over de mammoet en de vlinder.

  4. I just love that you are exploring your rabbit paintings so thoroughly. And the Nuralagus rex is perfect in your journey!
    Interesting how things always change.


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