Thursday, February 24, 2011

feel like mighty mouse

Please don't judge me: tomorrow morning I'm leaving for a trip to Disneyland, Paris. I'm going with some family and friends, we're staying in a small house, so that will be fun! Actually I'm not that into Disney, the most movies I find to "sweet" (but I like to see how they animate the drawings and see them make the drawings). But I realy like amusement parks, especially  roller coasters. So I wish you all a nice weekend and untill next week!


  1. wow, this comp. drawings are really good! it would be great to do it with pencil and color pencils.

    I would really like to go to Disneyland, whaaat :D
    Have a great time!



  2. not judged at all! and, I love that piece. your work is filled with so much humor and with a great sense for composition! have fun in Paris!!

  3. céline,
    this illustration is awesome!
    great! I loved all the elements!

    then, a delightful weekend for you
    will certainly be fun!

  4. Have a wonderful time there! I also think sometimes Disney movies are too cute, but some are really good, like Bambi. :)

  5. have much fun there with your family and friends - best wishes to bambi and co.!

  6. Have a terrific time! Fabulous illustration too. No judging at all. Have fun.

  7. Ziet er fantastisch uit, mooi werk!
    grt, Helmi

  8. Een beetje laat om je nog een prettig verblijf te wensen, maar dat zal ongetwijfeld lukken. Ik begrijp wat je schrijft over Disney, maar zo'n park is altijd leuk (en waarschijnlijk zal het rond deze tijd niet zo ontzettend druk zijn). Maar nu even over jouw nieuwe post ... Geweldig, heel mooi!


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