Monday, February 14, 2011


I was in Amsterdam this weekend, unfortunatly is was raining but it was still very nice. There are so much nice shops with interesting and very creative windows. Of course they are often blocked by the typical dutch bikes.

A completely useless fact: "amsterdamned" is a dutch movie (1988) by Dick Maas about a mysterious diver hiding in Amsterdam's canal system embarks on a rampage of gruesome murders, terrifying city officials and leaving few clues for the city's best detective, who doesn't suspect that both his new girlfriend and twelve-year-old daughter may be closer than he is to finding the killer.

Oh, and I met some inspiring old, dutch painters ;-)


  1. Seems you had a nice trip! I'd love to go to Amsterdam one day. A flight from Estonia to the Netherlands is quite cheap, so I'll be visiting it soon...

  2. yeey amsterdam.. I can't wait to visit it. those are really nice stores.
    Unfortunately, we don't have bicycle trails and that sucks, I really like to drive bicycle

  3. Film lang geleden gezien. Met Hub Stapel in de hoofdrol als ik me niet vergis. Amsterdam is altijd fijn om te bezoeken zeker de 9 straatjes.
    grt, Helmi

  4. Those shops look fantastic! I like all the bikes on the streets and I laughed with the Dutch painter. Sweet!

  5. @Lela: Hope you can visit a'dam soon!
    @Barbara: You should rent a bike when you're in A'dam! In the Netherlands you have to be careful that you don't get run over by a bike, especially in a bigger city, everybody rides a bike!
    @Helmi: ja, met Hub Stapel en die laatste foto is inderdaad gemaakt in de 9 straatjes.
    @Pamo: Glad you could laugh with the dutch painter, what a cliche he's!

  6. Der Laden könnte aus einem Märchen sein... richtig nostalgisch irgendwie. :)


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