Monday, February 7, 2011

black swan

Did anyone see the movie Black Swan? It's now in cinema's in The Netherlands. I quess you heard about it, it's so present in the media. But if not, it's about a ballet dancer who wins the lead in "Swan Lake" and is perfect for the role of the delicate White Swan - Princess Odette - but slowly loses her mind as she becomes more and more like Odette's evil sister, Odile, the Black Swan.
I wanted to be a ballet dancer wenn I was younger, but at the age of sixteen had a complication at my knee  and surgery followed. Bye bye dream! But after seeing this movie I guess I can be glad it didn't work out, haha. If you like ballet you would probably like this movie. I especially liked the dark scene's of the black swan. These drawings are my version of the swan.


  1. wow c. it'great! I would like to see your white swan as well.
    I've seen the movie, Natalie is absolutely amazing. Nice movie, but I think something is missing. Maybe more details. I don't know.

  2. I have not seen the movie,
    but, this illustration... is the best!
    very strong and expressive!

  3. Oh Celine! What a beautiful image you have created! Just stunning.

    My former sister-in-law was a wonderful prima ballerina and it just seemed like a very cut throat art form. So much was demanded of the dancers.

  4. I haven't seen the film, but this illustration is cool!!

  5. Wow! Ik heb deze kennelijk gemist, stuit er nu al scrollend op. Mooi!


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