Wednesday, January 19, 2011

so changeable

I made another sketch today for a painting, with the same figures: the red-pipi-hair-girl and the monkey. I think I make 3 or 4 paintings with them and then see how it works. Sometimes I like it to work a bit longer with the same characters, but make them different from eachother everytime. They become a sort of friends. And although the paintings have the same figures, they each tell another story.


  1. Hi Céline, I like the dynamic of this girls posture, problaby again a wonderful painting in some time :-)

  2. I read your December post about how you make the backgrounds. So cool idea! Just love your backgrounds so much!

    I like this sketch. Pippi looks kinda old on it which makes it interesting. Even Pippis get old...

  3. genial! me encanta pippi langstrump

    un beso!!


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