Monday, January 17, 2011

the doubt will creep and crawl

I'm always very doubtful about my work. If I finish a painting I'm happy and pleased with it, but that feeling disappears after 2 or 3 days and I' starting to criticize it. But on the other hand I think that is a good thing, it keeps me going. If I was only happy with it I could just might as well stop, because it would be perfect. So to start the week: a new sketch to keep me going!


  1. This is a wonderful sketch (You call them sketches, but for me these are masterpieces, 'cause I can't draw well)! How did you make the background? It looks like a curtain.

    Don't criticize your works too much, there is always someone who will love them! :)

  2. that's true! (what lela said!).
    danke für deinen tollen kommentar in meinem blog. ich freu mich, dass du mich - und ich dich jetzt gefunden habe. deine bilder finde ich sehr spannend - du machst tolle sachen! werde jetzt öfter hier vorbeischauen und bin gespannt auf deine weiteren "brehm-tiere"!
    schöne grüße von mano

  3. Hi Céline, i can relate to what you said, i've exactly the same feeling, sometimes i'm really in love with my latest painting or drawing and then suddenly look at it and think noway this is awfull. But leaving them for a while gives the distence to look at it in a new way. And i also had the same conclusion that this insecurity keeps one sharp, and starting from zero everytime again. Otherwise how could you come up with something new... I like it that you share your thoughts! LoveLies

  4. Thanks for the nice words!
    @LeLa: if you take a look at my post "artists secret" in december you'll find the secret of my backgrounds... Most people don't see it, you did!
    @Lovelies: good to hear that there are people that feel the same way!

  5. Ah- your work is beautiful! I have similar doubts about my art.
    The monkey in your previous painting is adorable and the painting as a whole just fabulous. I agree about liking a title.
    I'm following. I look forward to seeing your future posts!


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