Sunday, January 2, 2011

firework Pollock

I wanted to make a different kind of sketch of my rabbit Pollock: make him black and then draw with white inkt and paint the details. Well.... that didn't work out very well! The inkt was to thick for my pen, so I used a brush and then in turned into a white mess. On the other two rabbits I used a ordinary silver pencil, but  that on the other hand you can't see very well. And now with the red and pink background, it seems like you see the rabbits in front of a big firework (my fantasy got influenced by the time of the year...) with bright light. With a little bit of imagination the sketch still works, kind of...


  1. I like this sketch! I once had a rabbit too.

  2. It DOES work perfectly for me. In fact, would love to have it as a T-Shirt, with the name Pollock underneath. Happy New Year, Céline!

  3. I like this and the other (different) appearances of rabbits (are they all Pollock?) in many of your works, as well as your other work especially of the human figure! Thanks for your comment on my figures. Best wishes for 2011!

  4. Thanks for the nice comments!

    Annton: I like the idea of a t-shirt! Now the sketch doesn't seem to be such a failure...

    Rodney: no, it's not all Pollock. The drawings in my sketchbook are mostly Pollock (in the older sketches it is Pipilotti, my first rabbit, named after Pipilotti Rist) The rabbits in my paintings are "strange" rabbits, haha!


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