Friday, June 13, 2014

this is not it

I want to start a new series of drawings. This time no weapons but little girls in sexy clothes meant for adults. Like this girl has those "nipple tassels". A series about the sexualization of society. I think it is really getting to far what these girls see, wear or do. Did you know that you can already buy string-underwear for little girls? That is just bad! Anyway, I did a test with a drawing on shrink plastic and this is not working for me. I start again using pen on cardboard and lets see how that goes. You have to try things to see if they work but actually I'm just to impatient for that ;-)

Wish you all a good weekend!


  1. Good idea, Celine!
    We know. The Universe is infinite, but human stupidity is limitless.
    I have seen that Carrefour promotes the sale of bikinis for girls 9 to 12 years (or so) with push up! Crazy!!!
    But the problem is not Carrefour, the problem are the parents who buy it for their daughters.
    in my country (and it is not our idea, but it comes from abroad) The parents give to their daughters turn 15, a surgery to make the tits, the world is totally crazy!!!

  2. that's a great topic for a new series. and I'm very much with you. society is changing too quickly and in not the best of directions!!

  3. You are on a very interesting and most likely enlightening artistic path here, Celine!

  4. I was thinking just the other day about this subject while standing in a department store noticing the clothing for young - very young - girls was extremely adult in its sexuality. Lots of territory here, Celine, and important to raise awareness about. -sus


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