Saturday, June 28, 2014

drawing challenge

This weeks host for the DC is Patrice and her theme is "nude". As you have probably noticed by now I draw women ;-) And most of the time I think about issues as gender, feminism, women's rights but also beauty and how we look at ourselves and how society does this. So you would think that this theme fitted me perfectly, so did I at least! But I'm torn between two perceptions. My first thought was that I wanted to show something that expresses that you should be happy with your body. There are so many people (also men, but sorry, I don't like drawing men;-) who struggle with their body and how they look. I also have these times where I'm not happy with my body. But then I look back at pictures when I was younger and I see that I had nothing to worry about. I try to remember that when I have these times now. I probably will look back and think the same… So the first thing was: look at yourself and be happy about it!
But then I thought about al the nudity we see in papers, magazine and online. How we are used to these images of almost naked women who look perfect and we all want to look like these women even we know that most of them are photoshopped. That young girls think that the less they wear the better it is. So in the end this drawing turned out to be a mix of a proud women with a mirror who looks at herself but at the same time she looks like a supermodel who thinks what am I doing here? I leave it up to you, I could not make up my mind. And one last tip: do not google "nude" for inspiration… oh my, I'm so naive sometimes…

For more "nude" please visit the wonderful blog of Patrice who again made me think this week!


  1. and always when i am not that fond of my body
    for instance my belly, which is a little to fat and flabby
    i remember that it once was the home of my sons and feel grateful

    i agree and am worried when i see those young girls and the things they wear
    i really hope that someday we will see real woman in magazines, some better role models
    (how easy i can say what i want in dutch.... sigh....)

    thank YOU for joining
    and now you make me think about nude and nudity

    Patrice A.

  2. The theme has been thought provoking for many reasons - and yes, nudity for women is a tricky area.
    But I wonder if we take men out of the equation whether it's a lot less tricky...
    My daughter and I walk out of the shower naked and feel perfectly free to roam around naked to our bedrooms while my son is out of the house - but bring him back in and we cover up.
    I always wonder is it for him or for us that we do that.
    My father was NEVER naked at home.
    But my mother - always dashing about like a Reubenuesque model on the landing from bathroom to bedroom with a delighted giggle....
    I think that will be my enduring memory of her.

  3. Oh man, I won't begin to imagine what you found while googling "nude"!
    Your image reminded me that my 4 daughters hated something about their bodies sometime between 14 and 17.
    I went through it, my sister went through it, I know my aunts and mom did too.
    Thankfully we all grew up and realized how silly it was to worry about it when life was so full of adventures to follow no matter what our bodies look like. Thanks Celine for talking about this.
    I hope you have a great week. xo Carole

  4. it's a naievety i'm struck by myself every so often, so i'll share that feeling. i believe in this here your post i find the words at least as important as your drawing. and in this case more important even. gosh, there's room for discussion here, isn't there? n♥

  5. Your drawing shows really good her inner world, what she's thinking. And besides that, you've started a whole discussion! No,don't google "nude" for inspiration....that's another world!

  6. Those are important issues and a fine drawing, thank you! Leena

  7. Its funny I've always kept the word "nude" to have a separate meaning- the natural aspect of being in a body the art of it really- finding the perfection in the imperfections- I think what the media shows us is exploitation- I think nude at least how I perceive it should be expressed more as a balance to hyper phony body image- where are the scars the bruises the lumpy parts of living life??- isn't that what makes us alive

  8. hello,
    i like your use of line and solid colors, nice contrast.
    just this morning an old friend as she prepared her ten hour drive home, asked her daughter to photograph us. I was still a sleepy head and as usual felt shy to have my photo taken, her daughter took maybe 30 images.... i squirmed. But like you said, my friend did also, in twenty years we will look at these and think: pretty nice. it is best to enjoy ourselves.

  9. Celine your post was a thoughtful examination of 'nude' and women's bodies living in our culture of instant images and constant observation and quite a bit of comparing I am thinking. I like your drawing. She is original and I hope she likes what she sees in the mirror. *smiles* Norma, x

  10. Lol, I had to laugh because I once googled "blue tit" as in the little British bird I live with...Don't do it! Good advice. Love your girl. Reminds me very much of Chloe and her perfect 22yr old body which she still questions. You caught her expression perfectly. Well done. :)

  11. I know so well what you're talking about...let me tell you, I'm working in a women's clothes shop and it's so often the most young and beautiful (and even thin!) women, that are struggling the most with their bodies, who keep moaning and criticising certain body parts that are obviously NOT imperfect at all, and I sometimes feel more like a psychologist than a shop assistant, when I tell them to regard themselves with favour and affection...on the other hand, we all have this mirror in our hands, have to place ourselves in the context of our society including all those an individual, but integrate attractive, but not yourself and don't care about the others, but "who is the most beautiful in the whole land?"...well, I could go on forever... ;-)

  12. Again, a thoughtful and thought-provoking post here, Celine. You are right, this topic is a natural for the issues your work delves into.

  13. Looking again at your drawing, I appreciate the ambivalent expression on your model's face.

  14. I can totally understand everything what you said about how we feel about our bodys and the pressure our society beeing concentrated mainly on the superficial side of humans, that makes us always feel that we are not good enough, not thin enough and not beautiful enough. I also think looking at pictures of the past of me, why did I worry, what for! Your drawing here is expressing a mix of lolitalike innocennt with a very strong woman apeal. Like it a lot!!!
    xo barbara bee

  15. I love your drawing, and I try to look as if it was not a naked woman. (Almost)
    Nudity, and the beauty of the body, and pleased by our own body, are social and cultural conventions, our decision, and our appreciation of beauty is modify by external factors to us.
    You know it.
    You and your art are in a difficult struggle against established conventions, but you do it very well!!


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