Saturday, June 7, 2014

drawing challenge

This weeks host of the drawing challenge is Patrice and her theme is "upside down" with the question "what turns your world upside down?" For this week I just can't decide what to answer or which way to take it… My first thought -of course- was that I immediately thought about the really bad things that can happen to you, like loosing someone. Which really turns your world upside down, or in my case when I lost my mother: after 3 months it just hit me: the world keeps spinning… Then I broke down, nothing changes, I'm still doing what I have to do and so is the rest of the world, like nothing happened. But this does not happened on a daily bases ( really, it shouldn't!) and what I realized a while ago while talking to my sister because she has the same "problem". We both get really in stress if someone or something messes with our plans. That can be something little, like someone at work is sick and you have to fill in, which means I can't draw, which means there goes my week-planner. Nothing big, nothing with world troubles but I HATE THAT! That can even happen to me if the internet does not work for just one morning, but if I planned to do things where I need the internet, my world is Upside Down. Do you get it? I try to take that stuff an easier way but I find that very hard. So I choose a little painting which I made in 2010. I'm hanging upside down and my sister is standing next to me. My dad took pictures of us when we were children and I made paintings out of them. What I want to say I think is this: if your world is upside down, I hope that someone is right there next to you to catch you…

You can see all the 3 paintings I made Here and for more inputs on this theme please visit the wonderful blog of Patrice!


  1. Wonderful! Brings back my childhood memories too Celine. :) And I hear you about the personal upside down. What helps me get over these horrible times is changing something around me. You know, ever hanging different paintings in my space helps.

  2. Great idea to paint pictures that your father made. It makes a memory extra special. Loosing someone so near is turning your world upsidedown. I think it's fantastic that you have your sister to talk about your mother!

  3. I think I agree with you. And a question comes to me, if the world is upside down. Someone must be up and someone down ... Why always those who are down should be we?
    Why not always up?
    A kiss and good Sunday Celine!
    I love your painting! :)

  4. so wonderful that you have your sister to understand and share this in common with.
    when things change it almost always takes me minutes to days to adjust.... i understand.

    such a wonderful painting and full of memories for you all.

  5. sweet you
    me too had to think of the bad things that shook your life upside down
    illness, even death, but....
    this theme also brought back happy memories to me
    like falling in love, deeply, the birth of my sons
    i so hope that that's the same for you
    bad and good
    a balance

    veel liefs
    Patrice XX

  6. that is the general idea, someone beside us... oh, the very thought. if only we could turn our world right over, if we end up upside down. maybe that is the aim : learning to turn things round... who knows? n♥

  7. For some time now I've tried to make the day (dedicate the day ahead of me, or if planning for the next day) a day unto itself but just choosing one or perhaps two important things to be accomplished and really, as long as the thing is done by the end of the day I am happy. I can say (and I do) "today is the day I [fill in the blank]" or "yesterday was the day I [fill]" or "hopefully, tomorrow will be the day that I [fill}" and so saying this out loud to the ether is like making it an intention and/or celebration of a job well done, etc. Otherwise, if my plans don't go according to how I'd imagined them, it throws me and I can't settle to do something else. Feeling like being suspended, out of control, not normal, victimized, helpless, powerless, etc. is like the hanging man in the tarot. But I've learned that these feelings are a part of getting a different perspective if I hang on (play on words here) to the uncomfortable feelings for a bit. I haven't mastered it yet, however. It's a work in progress, this life. These drawings are beautiful Celine! N, xo

  8. What a wonderful and personal interpretation of the theme. It reminds me of the trust acrobats need and have to each other when jumping and catching, as a reflection of life.

  9. Totally agree with you, Céline. I was also thinking of bad things more than the good ones, big losses in life, that turned my world upside down. The death of a beloved person, two hard and sudden seperations, that made me feel another person, and I absolutely know that strange moment, when you realise that life goes on as if it doesn't matter at all. I think you should take this as a positive knowledge (...I did at least..): you are a very sensitive and sensible person. Nothing's wrong with that. Maybe it's even a sign of strength to allow all your feelings, to go through pain and suffering, 'cause life isn't always the nice and happy advertising picture we are all suggested. Of course it's essential to have people at our side, that we can base ourselves on. What I love about your drawing is the possibility to turn it round, so it's you to be the one that catches your sister. That's balance. And comfort in a way. The picture can be turned forward and back again and so does life. Nothing remains in the same position, ups and downs and all that stuff...but here we go!

  10. Hi Celine, I can completely understand what you're talking about and guess what your propably not the only one who gets crazy if unexpected things happen and tuen your world upside down even if its only a small occasion. We're living in a world which is totally drawn to optimizing, eual on what behalf of our lifes. If its work skills, time management, better handies all the time or our own body, all sould be optimized and that causes stress in itself and every little unexpected break is disturbing it. Espeically as an artist our lifes are very unsecure and so we desperately need a little bit of securance.
    I like your drawing a lot like always and I see matching colors to mine!
    Barbara bee

  11. Yes- Celine- going with the flow I think is what your talking about's funny because in your painting you look happy to be upside down...much of childhood is exploring that, and just seeing it as a different view point- something we tend to loose sight of the older we get. death is a natural part of life no matter how much we resist it. Having peace with in ourselves makes the transition between things going our way or not easier - yes the horrible realization that everything just moves forward like nothing has changed...the thing is you have changed on the inside right- that's the most important thing and now the question is who are you going to be because of it..
    That's at least what I tell myself :)

  12. Oh wow you made me sit right back in my chair! I was thinking those same things when I saw the theme this week. I had been thinking about drawing something about the loss of my dad and how that turned my world upside down but I took a different take on it because I thought it would really upset me too much so I kept to just the day to day stuff maybe not that important but it is so good to hear that others are also not able to draw when just the day to day things turn us upside down. Thank you for sharing this! You are very brave.

  13. Celine, your post makes me think about the 'ants at the picnic', the little annoyances in life that bother me more than the big crisis times. And yes, the comfort of someone to stand with us through it all, so well-rendered in your painting of you and your sis.
    best wishes, sus

  14. You started this posts with feelings of sadness, but your paintings are full of joy! Sometimes you are down and sometimes you are up. That's life!


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