Monday, September 10, 2012

searching for cheese

Actually, these two cute little mouses are searching for chocolate. This weekend we had a family trip to a amusement park in Germany. I still don't feel like my old self but I really wanted to go and just have a nice day. And this park had a new ride "maus au chocolate" about a backery which has trouble with mouses and you can find the two in my drawing at the entrance.

And thank you for the nice comments on my last post, it really does a lot for my self-confidence!


  1. It's so funny how they are trying to escape without making a noise XD

  2. hihi, leuk die muizen op hun tenen :-)

  3. Hi, Céline, this is a wonderful job, I love it!
    (I would also look for chocolate with these two mice)

    OK, good week for you, thanks for stopping by myblog, and no doubt,if I could do cheer up your day, every day, I would,
    I love making people feel good, I told you, it's free, it costs nothing, (and is good for me, too)
    good week for you! :))))))))))))))))))

  4. oh my this work made me laugh (because i thaught she was itching) than i saw a lady on fire!
    anyway she is great, x

  5. ich musste auch lachen! die mäuse sind so witzig wie sie versuchen, sich davon zu schleichen! und madame hat wohl einen gehörigen schrechen bekommen!
    ich hab mich sehr gefreut, dass dir meine wassertiere gefallen haben!

  6. Fabulous drawing!!! I love the mice too. (And I love chocolate- so it's all good.) :-))


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