Friday, December 9, 2011

stress therapy

At the moment I'm a bit stressed out because of the exhibition, my job, a lot of other appointments and christmas coming up and blablablabla. And just as I was running around in the house I saw our neighbours cat "Juul" at our back door, waiting for a cuddle. So I went outside (I can't let him in because I'm allergic) and spend 10 minutes cuddling him. Spending time with animals always calmes me down and makes me forget my little problems for a while. After that Juul thought it was time for him to relax:

No more cuddling with the cat so I visited my rabbit Pollock but he just wanted to eat my boots...


  1. Cette relation humains- animaux est très connue comme relaxante et utilisée par beaucoup de thérapeutes pour calmes les angoisses de tant de gens. Tu dois être sensible à cette relation qui te fais du bien.
    Bonne continuation.


  2. Awww...animals are so sweet! I agree, they help us to relax and forget our problems for a moment. I hope the busy time in your life will pass soon and Christmas is peaceful. Today it snowed here. So beautiful! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. hihi, rabbit Pollock :-) Kijk maar goed naar Juul, die ligt er zo lekker relaxed bij, heerlijk!
    Prettig weekend!

  4. so entspannt können auch nur katzen sein! und dass pollock farben mag, ist ja klar!
    ich hab leider kein haustier mehr, stattdessen sammele ich jetzt "schleich"-tiere... mein tapir bringt mich immer zum lächeln!

  5. O, wat is Pollock mooi! Ja, dieren helpen erg goed tegen stress. M'n konijnen Wol en Plof geven me altijd veel rust in drukke tijden.

  6. little furry friends... they are so adorable. hope your nerves will settle soon ,
    xo sandra

  7. A rabbit is very lovely! The color of shoes is also fashionable!

  8. That is the cutest rabbit I have ever seen!

  9. spending time with animals,
    is the best therapy for all!
    and, I loved Pollock ...


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