Friday, October 7, 2011

state of the art

SCHUNCK* is a new kind of multidisciplinary cultural institution that is specialised in Modernity and Urban Culture within international contemporary art and culture. Every second year they organize an exhibition that shows "the state of the art" of professional artists in this region. You can only apply if you have an connection with the city Heerlen or "Parkstad".

I send in my Pippi-drawings and they want to show 4 of them! I'm really happy an excited and looking forward to see the drawings in an actual nice space. More information in November for those who want to visit.


  1. Congratulations! People will love your Pippi drawings! Be sure and take photos of them on display and post!!! :)

  2. wow ... congrats!
    Pippi will be shown, it is a grand occasion!
    what a great to situate them in the 'state of the art'!
    since I will not be present ... I'm curious for the pictures!

  3. gefeliciteerd, Celine, leuk vooruitzicht, ik hou je in de gaten :-)


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