Tuesday, October 25, 2011

hip, hip, hurrah

This week is my blog's birthday, it's 1 year old! Hip, hip, hurrah!
As I started I did not know what to expect, I just wanted to share my work. I had no idea how the blog-world works and how many people share their stuff, whatever it is. Soon it became a small addiction and as I had my first followers, it became even more fun to read their thoughts. It's amazing how many nice people I have met in this blog-world-thing, even I haven't seen you in personal. Making this blog does not feel as unpersonal and "not real" as many people say about the digital world. It really was a big surprise to me what this blog turned into and that's just because of your comments and support! Thank you all and I wish I could treat you all to some homemade cake!


  1. herzlichen glückwunsch, liebe céline!
    ich freue mich sehr, dich kennengelernt zu haben - wenn auch leider nur virtuell. ich mag deinen blog sehr und deine kunst natürlich ganz besonders. neue arbeiten von dir zu sehen, ist immer eine freude!
    vom kuchen hätte ich gern ein stück probiert! viele grüße schickt dir mano

  2. Congratulations!! You have a sweet blog. ;)

    I agree with you, the blog world is amazing. Communicating with all sorts of people anywhere in the world is just so much fun!

  3. happy anniversary! not unpersonal at all; I am glad we've met here and can't wait for more to come! greetings from berlin.

  4. congratulations! It's a pleasure to have met you in blog-world. Up to the next year :-)

  5. Jeeehhh!!!! het eerste ei is gelegd, dat nog veel mogen volgen!

  6. Happy Birthday :-)!! Congratulations Céline!! I agree, it's a great way to share thoughts, art, feelings etc. You've achieved a fantasticly diverse and colourful blog here, looking forward to many more posts!!

  7. Glückwunsch! Hoffentlich wird dein Blog noch viele viele Jahre alt! ... immer toll zu sehen, was du machst!

  8. Awesome stuff Celine!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog too! Your comments make me smile. I love this picture and I hope to see more works from you till your next blog birthday!

  9. Congratulations for the 1st year!
    yes, blogging is a wonderful sharing
    'speak and listen,' what else do we love ...
    long life to our blogs!

    ... now I accept your delicious slice
    of homemade cake ;)

  10. Céline
    I loved the illustration birthday!


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