Tuesday, October 4, 2011

like a rose

I finished the painting on the door I was working on. It's very difficult to take a nice picture of it. The colours get very bright but I hope you'll get an idea.... I'm very happy with it, also because we have lots of plants and flowers in that room. Some of you asked me if it's special paint and yes, it is. So if you want to try it for yourself, asked for glass-paint, I'm looking forward to your works!


  1. Wow! It's amazing to see the result! I like it a lot. Perfect door for a room with flowers.

  2. Daar word je vrolijk van, telkens als je er langs loopt :-)

  3. Fabulously beautiful! The colors are so vibrant and I can just imagine it with all the real plants, and the light shining through.
    Just gorgeous!

  4. wow! looks great!
    has a lot of good energy in this work,
    a very positive result!
    live with this door is very very nice!

  5. Wow, deze had ik gemist. Prachtig! Zag je opmerking over de 10 minuten posters, weet niet of dat voor jouw werkt hoor ;-) met al dat handwerk!

  6. Wow, the final result is simply fantastic Céline! The room must look great!


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