Tuesday, December 21, 2010

we can settle by the sea

I'm still sketching! Especially with the busy times around christmas (I only have to buy 3 more gifts!), I don't have the time, or the calm, to start a new painting. And I have a problem with new ideas: if I can't  translate my ideas directly (or at least within a week...) into action, I don't want to paint them anymore. If they are that long in my mind, I've painted them a thousend times in my fantasy, I don't have to in real life, it's not interesting anymore. This way a lot of my ideas have never been produced.


  1. Your art is interesting and your style unique.

  2. I know this problem so well. and sometimes, when I made a portrait of someone I really know, our ways seperate after that. scary, right?! like I worked our relation out... btw. I can only give your compliment back; your blog is really inspiring!


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