Thursday, December 9, 2010

artist's secret

Here's a little secret about how I create the backgrounds in my paintings: I use these old-fashioned, white curtains as a stencil. (look at the background of the painting in the post below). Meanwhile I have a big collection of curtains. Everytime I'm at a market I see if I can find some's like a addiction.
And two days ago I thought that my curtains in the kitchen are realy boring and that I should change them. So why not some of my old-fashioned curtains? I airbrushed them to change the colour, some red and purple for christmas and in the spring I paint some curtains green en yellow!


  1. Du hast eine Marktlücke entdeckt. Farbige Retro-Deckchen sind eine prima Alternative zu den langweiligen Klebefolien.

  2. That is such a lovely idea! I really like the boats on these.

  3. The secret has been revealed! Very smart and lovely idea. I like the photos you took of the curtains too :)


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