Tuesday, April 23, 2013

waiting room...

...for my "Atelier Spunk" sign. This is actually a part of our garage. If I have to airbrush something bigger, I'll do that in the garage. My computer is also in my studio and it's not very healthy fot it to airbrush in front of it. Behind the bike you can see that I used this wall more then once... I just liked this picture: paint and work just where ever you can!


  1. yes, it´s a nice picture, I even could imagine it as a postcard!
    x stefanie

  2. This is OK, Celine, there are people that need a special place and not others.
    My obsession is to do the work, no matter where or under what conditions, i need to work. and my wife needs to have everything in order before starting work. when she finished ordering, I almost finished my work. ha ha, are different ways of working, even in the garage you can create works of art. perfect for me :)))

  3. ich denke, ich liebe deine garage!! :)) mano


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