Friday, April 12, 2013

drawing challenge

This weeks host for the drawing challenge is Nadine from the wonderful tinyWoolf blog.  And what a challenge it is this week! Her theme is "in the line of beauty" and I thought about it all week. You can take this challenge in so many directions, so many interpretations that I almost got lost in my own head, haha! And I don't know if I made this one easy for me or really hard. I found out that beauty for me has everything to do with personal feelings, like finding old pictures of an art-experiment where I'm wearing my mother's wedding dress on a swing, which didn't mean a thing at that time, but it does now. Bautiful flowers in the garden, sweet Pollock kissing my little sister, cuddling with friendly animals, drawing pictures of me and my mom, dancing. Being a little proud of yourself of the things you make, even if that's hard, getting a beautiful smile from the one you love. A bad picture of the moon, but you remember how beautiful it was at the time. My so loved stuffed sheep. Getting beautiful cards of wonderful blog friends. Being sick and getting better and turn it into something good for other people and discover on the way that you're doing not so bad with your own food-problems. A hand-made card for your birthday. Beauty lies in so many things, sometimes you need a challenge to see it!

For more beauty please go to tinyWoolf!


  1. not easy to write about beauty, but I think I agree with you on a lot of the examples you have given.
    also, beauty to know that someone is thinking of you, perhaps we can find beauty in everything in this world, but I think there is no beauty in solitude, not loneliness we seek on purpose, I mean loneliness occurs when you feel isolated by the rest of the world.
    Good weekend, Celine, you will never be alone because you have beauty!!!!!

  2. liebe céline, das ist eine ganz wunderschöne collage! und du hast recht: schönheit liegt immer im auge des betrachters!
    liebe grüße, mano

  3. that's the danger of an open theme, i guess. i had my doubts in offering in, but then i thought, it is such a liberating aspect, to respond to a blur, which beauty never is, unless one needs philosophizing on the theme. which we love to do, of course. ;)))

    by thinking about it, you did personally define it, which shows in your patchwork of thoughts. mission accomplished! and challenge met... :)))
    thxs for playing!

  4. beautiful collages
    and beautiful words
    beauty is all around us

    Patrice A.

  5. Wunderschöne Gedanken um die Schönheit, die beweisen, dass Schönheit in so ziemlich allem steckt. Jeder weiß, was für ihn schön ist und hat doch seine ganz eigene Interpretation. Bei Deiner Collage gibt es allerdings weder Grund zum Diskutieren noch zum Interpretieren: die ist ganz eindeutig superschön! :o)

  6. I agree, Celine - beauty has everything to do with our relationships. Have a beautiful new week! -sus

  7. Ganz wunderbar wie du dieses "schwierige" und vielschichtige Thema gelöst hat und deine Gedanken um die Schönheit sind so schön wie deine Fotocollage. Gelungen!
    Schöne Woche, Barbara

  8. a treasure of beauty Celine,and it surrounds you, wonderful,
    yes that crossed my mind too, things of beauty we met in our past seem to stay with us forever, glued somewhere to our mind and heart,xx

  9. Celine, beauty surrounds you!
    xo Carole

  10. Celine you are so right! That is my feeling as well. The word 'feeling' is what beauty is all about I discovered for myself. Beauty I discovered is what I feel about things, not what I see in front of me. The thing is beautiful but my feelings for it are beautiful...beautiful feelings. I wonder if people, when they are making beautiful things are feeling the beauty of them while they are thinking about them, dreaming them up, designing them, making them, and then viewing them, assessing them after they are made...

    Liked this post a lot, Norma, x


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